Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Governing Council (2016)

Executive Council Members

  • Sheldon Powe, President
  • Cara Murray, Deputy President
  • Dean Smith, Immediate Past President
  • Neil Abrahams, JITSA President
  • Christopher Reckord, VP Membership
  • Bethune Lugg, VP Finance
  • Tina Mckenzie, VP Marketing & Communication
  • Tennyson Arnold, VP Events
  • Maurice Coke, VP Certification Education and Accreditation (CESA)

Council Members

  • Edward Alexander
  • Andrea A Atkinson - Perry
  • Dr. Sean Thorpe
  • Natasha Sampson
  • Rene Tomlinson
  • Jovan Evans
  • Jason Scott
  • Brad Clarke


Membership Committee is responsible for increasing the quality of the service offerings to our membership, react to their fluid needs, and to ensure that the objectives of the JCS, as they relate to the development and support of membership, are efficiently and cost-effectively discharged. This committee organizes the Monthly Membership ICT Meetings. Chaired by Christopher Reckord, VP Membership

Finance Committee is in charge of all activities which are geared towards managing the day-to-day operation of the Society through its Secretariat as well as being the prudent custodian of the Society’s financial assets. Chaired by Bethune Lugg, VP Finance

Certification, Education, Standards & Accreditation (CESA) committee of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS-CESA) is the internal body of the JCS, tasked with setting and maintaining professional standards and development requirements that will enhance the image of ICT professionals and allow appropriate recognition to these professionals.Chaired by Maurice Coke, VP CESA

Marketing & Communication Committee is charged with the role of promoting the objectives and activities of JCS through printed and electronics publications as well as via social media outlets. And engaging the Jamaican society with a view to building awareness and understanding, through dialogue and demonstrations, of the value of ICT Innovations in transforming future outcomes. Chaired by Tina Mckenzie, VP Marketing & Communication

Events Committee has among its activities the planning and staging of all major events of the Society including the Biannual BizTech Conference, ICT TechForum, BizTech Knowledge Forum, Training Programme and all other major events. Chaired by Tennyson Arnold, VP Events