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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol3 #7 Evaluating your Cyber-security status

On August 26, 2015 the Vector Technology Institute (VTI) in association with Iron Vine Security LLC hosted a cyber-security seminar under the theme “The Cyber Security Imperative: Defense through Understanding, Detection and Response”. This was geared at information sharing for the enrichment of the local knowledge-base.

On hand as presenters at the event were Minister of State in the Ministry of Science Technology Energy and Mining, Hon Julian Robinson ; Immediate Past President of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS) , Dean M Smith, as well as Brent Duckworth and William Geimer of Iron Vine Security (IVS).

Host and moderator, Dr Wayde Marr hailed the collaboration between VTI and IVS as the beginning of a partnership that should prove fruitful to Jamaica. In his remarks, Min Robinson updated the gathering on progress made on the National Cyber-security policy implementation. The implementation plan with specific steps and deadlines is now being completed (in all sections: Technical, Regulatory, Capacity Building and Public Awareness). Legislation on the Cyber-crimes Act and Data Protection Act are being fast tracked.

Dean Smith in his evaluation of the Cyber-security state of affairs urged a focus on Jamaican small and medium enterprises (SMEs), increased public education and awareness as well as public infrastructure protection. The importance of the continued vibrancy of the JCS Cyber-security Special Interest Group (SIG) was also highlighted.

For his part, the presentation of Brent Duckworth touched on an important point of reducing the average “dwell time”, that is the duration from infiltration to detection, from the current industry average of over 200 days to significantly less so as to reduce the cost of remediation as well as to reduce the probability and impact of data extraction. This is so regardless of the profile of the attacker (whether it is a Hobbyist, Cyber-criminal, Hackivist or Cyber-soldier) and their associated motive. His points were supported by William Geimer’s presentation (pivotal slide listed below) on how to Jumpstart your Information Security Program.

No matter what the maturity of your security program is, there are things that must be done so keep pace with the changing landscape. The quality of infrastructure will determine the degree to which issues identified in monitoring can be pinpointed, back-traced and rectified even if external /third party assistance is sought.

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