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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol3 #5 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Excerpts from the Members’ Meeting of the Western Jamaica Chapter of the Jamaica Computer Society held on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at the Montego Bay Community College, Alice Eldemire Drive, Montego Bay.

Disasters come in all sizes and are unpredictable by nature, occurring at anytime with little or no warning. The impact of a disaster to a business can prove to be very costly if the necessary preparations are not in place to mitigate against the risk of such occurrence. In case of a catastrophic event, how long will it take to access company data or the server(s) that host the critical data? This is where IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning comes in and there is a substantive difference between a simple data backup as compared to a full disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) plan.

If there was an event that affected your business, would it recover in a timely manner? This was the daunting question posted to IT Managers, IT Vendors and IT professionals in attendance by the featured guest speaker, Mr. Ryan Sterling, Chief Executive Officer of Vertis Technology Solutions. He presented on the theme "Disaster Recovery /Business Continuity Services". Mr. Sterling emphasized that there was a difference between data backup and disaster recovery. The first providing recovery if data was loss but doesn't help in case of a catastrophic event or where the physical unit(s) that hosts critical software and data was damaged nor does it details the role of personnel in recovery process. Disaster recovery still relies on data backup but the facility is usually in a remote location and in many cases in a different country. Such a facility will allow the resumption of a company's operation in a timely manner.

Vertis Technology (www.vertisjm.com) provides services in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services and have partnered with Ctex to offer the service. Ctex is a Tier 4 datacenter base in Curacao and is governed by the European-based privacy laws.Vertis Technology is also a provider of Citrix solutions XenMobile, XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer. Vertis also offers Virtual Office Solution, Virtual Data Center, Hosted Exchange Solutions and they are also a Fortinet partner.

Also addressing the meeting was Robert Whitehorn, Project Manager - Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project(CMIP). He highlighted that there are resources to assist persons with a mobile application ideas to aide them seeing the idea through to reality. There are many roles that play a part in seeing the launch of a mobile application and increasing the chances of a successful application. The CMIP has already helped many persons across the region and he wanted to offer his support in seeing more mobile applications coming from western Jamaica.

JCS President , Dean Smith was also present and iterated his support for the growth of the Western Chapter as well as to emphasis that the JCS conference (BizTech Forum 2015 and Showcase) will be held in Montego Bay.

Executive Committee of the Western Chapter include: Mr. Keita Mendes, Mr. Edward Taylor, Mr. Sheldon Davis, Mr. Gregory Dehaney, Mrs. Synandre Montaque-Dwyer (Mrs), Mr. Andre Thompson and host Mr. Douglas Williamson.


Mr. Ryan Sterling, Chief Executive Officer of Vertis Technology

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