Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol3 #4 Cyber-security 2015 style! (For Jamaicans)

Globally, cyber-crime and related activities account for over US$600B in direct losses annually. It rivals the illicit drug trade as the top earner for criminal enterprise. So let’s put cyber-crime in context:

Cybercrime encompasses criminal acts involving the use of computer/networks and related devices. Cybercrimes also include traditional crimes that incorporate the use of computers/networks (esp. Internet) and related devices .

Be sure to read the Jamaica’s Cybercrimes Act of 2010 (reviewed and amended 2014).

We cannot hide from reality; it is not going away. Whether it is our personal/business banking accounts or “just for us” photos, it can be devastating when we become a victim of cybercrime. When someone’s bank account gets “cleaned out”, the first thought on the victim’s mind is “it must be an inside job”. You are right – but you are the insider.

This article is meant to highlight some habits that make cybercrime more likely to succeed and some tips for reducing risks associated with using our many devices and applications.

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Article developed by:

Gavin Dennis (Open Wave Information Security Ltd)

Reviewed by:

Dean Smith (Jamaica Computer Society)

Andrew Nooks (Open Wave Information Security Ltd)

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