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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol3 #3 Social Media @ work

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The members of the Western Chapter of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS) started their 2015 schedule of meetings with a vibrant presentation hosted at the Montego Bay Community College on Thursday February 19th. The Chapter has been successful at bringing the IT stakeholders in Western Jamaica together in a forum that facilitates learning, leadership and leverage.

The featured presentation was titled “Social Media @ Work!” and was delivered by the guest speaker Mr. Wayne Marsh, creator and CEO of Branditise.com. Mr. Marsh is a well known Jamaican technology entrepreneur and winner of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) 2014 Technology Innovation Award.

Mr. Marsh had the rapt attention of local IT Managers, IT Vendors and Developers as he explained how his Branditise.com tool facilitated a transparent and easy to manage digital marketing service. This flexible product seamlessly integrates with popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (et. al.). Branditise.com’s customers benefit from the ability to create a clearly defined marketing strategy that reflects the goals of the C-suite team. The visiting Marketing specialists from the tourism industry were particularly receptive to the automatically generated strategy document. Mr. Marsh also demonstrated the tools’ ability to execute the agreed upon actions in the strategy document and measure the performance of the execution. For example, if the Marketing strategy called for weekly posts in Facebook and Instagram, the tool has the ability to set reminders for the marketing team and track the actual performance of the team in executing the strategy.

Overall, the business value of Braditise.com was effectively conveyed to those present. Mr. Marsh also shared a little background about his experiences developing the Software as a Service (SaaS) package. He encouraged local developers to develop their expertise in programming commercially available API’s as a more lucrative career path.

Join us for our next regular members meeting on Thursday April 16th at 6.30pm at Montego Bay Community College, Montego Bay, St. James.

Executive Committee of the Western Chapter include: Keita Mendes, Edward Taylor, Sheldon Davis, Gregory Dehaney, Synandre Montaque-Dwyer (Mrs), Andre Thompson and host Mr. Douglas Williamson.

Contact us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcswestern

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