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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol2 #12 - Independent ICT Knowledge-bases for Your Career and Business

Report brief of the JCS Members Meeting (Nov 20, 2014) presentation by Leonard Wadewitz*;

Topic:” Independent ICT Knowledge-bases for Your Career and Business”

If you need access to information technology (IT) forums; filled with experts from a range of different IT industries; including thought leaders, consultants, worldwide representatives from IT vendors and IT service providers then there over ten IT communities and three IT Advisory Councils, members collaborate on initiatives that you can access. In these global IT industry forums you can not only advance yourself or the organization you are engaged but shape its future of the IT industry, too.

After briefly reminding the audience about what CompTIA is and its purpose within the IT industry, Leonard educated the audience about the vast amount of informational resources (market intelligence) contained on CompTIA's website. Such resources are provided free for use by all organisations involved with IT, including training institutions, entrepreneurs, service providers, small and large businesses, etc.



Informational resources include Research studies, whitepapers, industry trends, presentations, buying guides, etc.

He strongly encouraged businesses to make use of these tools as they are priceless resources for business
planning purposes, market assessments, industry trend analysis, business process outsourcing, etc.

Do you need to make a business case for process outsourcing, managed services, etc.? Fully prepared presentations, whitepapers, market trends, etc. are there and available for your use.

With businesses continuing to compete within increasingly competitive market spaces and also on global scales,
enterprises will become more and more reliant on industry and market trend information. Taking advantage of the
resources provided by CompTIA is a first step in a strategy designed to maintain business relevance and viability.

He also advised that Businesses can also join and take advantage of several CompTIA "IT Communities".


The communities also help to improve planning & problem solving efficiencies within one's organisation by not having to "recreate the wheel"! Problems and scenarios presently being faced by your organisation will likely be similar to challenges being faced in similar businesses. The communities facilitate the sharing of experiences, lessons learned, and solutions implemented by others. This is the essence of CompTIA Communities: IT communities helping IT communities.

The communities include: "IT Services & Support", "Managed Services", "IT Security", "Future Leaders"

About CompTIA
CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. As a non-profit trade association, it advances the global interests of IT professionals and IT channel organizations and enables them to be more successful with industry-leading IT certifications and IT business credentials, IT education, resources and the ability to connect with like-minded, leading IT industry experts.

Leonard Wadewitz is the Regional Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean for CompTIA, the voice of the world's information technology industry. As a non-profit trade association advancing the global interests of IT professionals and companies, CompTIA focuses its programs on four main areas: education, certification, advocacy and philanthropy. Leonard is responsible for leading strategy, development, and growth efforts for the association in the region.

Prior to joining CompTIA, Leonard spent more than 20 years with leading IT and communication companies including Silicon Valley startup ventures and global ITC corporations. These companies offered an array of communication solutions for Fortune 500 companies and global communication service providers. He worked with a breadth of technologies including packet switching, broadband multi-media multiplexers, ATM switching, core routing, DSL access, optical networking, optical switching, and software as a service.

Leonard's career in IT began at his first employer, a bank, where, as the Operations Manager he coordinated the migration of the bank operations to the first in-house computer systems in the bank. Leonard also designed and managed the installation of the first commercially viable DSL service in North America, as well as the first optical networks in 12 cities around the United States.

Leonard is a graduate of DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana with a Bachelor of Arts in Russian Area Studies. He received his Master's in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, majoring in Finance and Portuguese.

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