Sunday, June 24, 2018

[PRESS RELEASE] “Rapid ICT Reform Needed For Robust Economic Growth” – JITSA

“… ICT can lead Jamaica to prosperity” – Eyre

The Jamaica Information Technology and Services Alliance (JITSA) is today calling for rapid ICT reform to be at the forefront of economic recovery, to ensure that Jamaica sees robust and sustainable economic growth.

JITSA President, Mervyn Eyre, advised that for true, sustainable economic growth to be realised, Jamaica must fix its mediocre track record of Information Communication Technology (ICT) application in both public and private sectors. A number of existing strategic initiatives lack integration and proper execution, and have relied on old, capital intensive approaches to ICT deployment, resulting in project outcomes that do not meet changing global expectations. They have also produced high rates of project failure due to poor budget, resource and change management.

JITSA has noted that, conversely, across the globe, approaches to ICT utilization have evolved into contemporary, new and agile models, thus shifting the adoption of ICT to be more aligned with supporting national growth agendas, organizational enablement and innovation.

In launching the release of its opinion paper on the current IMF Program, the JITSA president emphasized that Jamaica should not miss this opportunity to twin ICT reform with the economic reform currently underway: “This is a grand opportunity, as national transformation enabled by ICT has been proven worldwide to lead to rapid, sustainable growth. Our leaders in government and business must understand that ICT can lead Jamaica to prosperity. This can only be achieved if things are done differently; leaders in business and government must not only understand their roles in how ICT decisions are made, but assume accountability for ICT‐based outcomes. This responsibility cannot be delegated to the technologists – it requires a new and learned, leadership approach to governance”.

The Jamaica Information Technology & Services Alliance (JITSA) is a working group representing over 30 local and international information technology (IT) service providers, software developers and IT consultancy and advisory service companies. Its mission is captured in its tagline, “Making IT work”.

JISTA BOARD consist of :
Trevor Forrest as VP for Software Developers, Director Christopher Reckord, Director Neil Abrahams, Gordon Webster VP for Advisory Service Providers, Marcelle Smart VP for IT Producer & Service Providers, Mervyn Eyre as President, Vitra Gopee as Secretary, Director Dean Smith who is President of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS).