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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol2 #5: JCS Western Jamaica Chapter Meeting (2014-05-15)

Report from the Members’ Meeting of the Western Jamaica Chapter of the Jamaica Computer Society and the Montego Bay Community College (MBCC) Campus Chapter. Held on May 15, 2014 at the MBCC campus, Alice Eldemire Drive, Montego Bay.

The freshly minted Western Jamaica Chapter of the Jamaica Computer Society had it first members’ meeting on May 15, 2014. This follows it inaugural meeting on March 12, 2014. At which meeting Keita Mendes was selected as the JCS Chapter Liaison and Andre Thompson selected as the Campus liaison for the Montego Bay Community College campus chapter which is supported by the professionals in the Western Jamaica Chapter. The special invitee to the members’ meeting was Yoni Epstein.

As guest speaker, Yoni Epstein had sage advice for the new team, congratulating the effort to organize and support the development of ICT professionals in western Jamaica. Mr. Epstein, who is the CEO of Island Outsourcers, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company based in St James, is also the President of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ). He informed the gathering that his company is among others that are set to expand beyond just call centers and to establish knowledge processing and IT e-Services (ITeS) in the form of taking Application Development outsourced jobs and outsourced Help Desk support. In his analysis he asserted that the BPO industry in Jamaica should not see India and the Philippines (countries with the largest current market share of the estimated $150 Billion BPO industry and approx. $700 Billion for ITeS, NASSCOM 2013 estimates) as their competition but rather Mexico and other Latin American countries for near-shore outsourcing from North American companies, and who are in fact drawing market share from the top market share holders. His company is currently geared towards 5% IT e-services with a view to expand in short order. One of the challenges currently faced is the dearth of properly trained and certified professionals. He expressed optimism that with the advent of this effort of the JCS Western Chapter and MBCC Campus Chapter, this will change for the better.

The general sentiments of most persons present, was echoed by Mr. Keita Mendes, that they were pleased that the JCS presence was now being felt in western Jamaica. Mr. Mendes promised to work assiduously to maximized the effort and bring value to the ICT professionals in the west. He also solicited the assistance and cooperation of all present to carry the message and ethos of the JCS to all their ICT associates and co-workers.

Douglas Williamson of Xerox, Jamaica was encouraged by the effort and had high praises of the initiative and pledged to assist the working group of the western Jamaica Chapter to address issues of professional expectations in IT governance and work ethics.

Dean Smith, JCS President, in his remarks reminded the audience of the purpose of the JCS as a professional body with the goal of ensuring effective and efficient use of ICT technology at the personal, enterprise and national levels through the continued development of ICT professionals. Mr. Smith also outlined programs within the JCS to establish a nation register (with persons indication up to three areas of expertise) for ICT professionals to assist personal remote-jobbing requests as well as to establish a baseline for national capacities in established ICT fields. Continuous Education programs and a peer-review system will also aid with ensuring a high stand and work ethic with JCS members. He also highlighted the effectiveness of the current JCS publications (the monthly e-zone and annual e-journal).

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