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Bits & Bytes e-zine, Vol2 #1: Presidents Message

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Excerpts from the address by JCS President, Dean Smith at the JCS members' meeting and cocktail reception for newly named JCS Distinguished Fellow, Silburn Clark, held at Hotel Four Season on January 23, 2014

I am particularly proud in this my chosen most noble profession. A profession that is so often overlooked. For if Information Technology work, nobody notices but if Information Technology DOES NOT work then that is the time everybody notices. Yet, I am also a part of a group of persons, this peer network, with excellence as their only driver.  The group of which I speak is the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS) and this drive for excellence is reflected to varying degrees by how its members perform as group in the stated aims and objectives of the JCS. The aim of the JCS is to be the national body that provides leadership in the promotion of the efficient and effective use of Information Technology in Jamaica, primarily through practicing professionals. 

The high level objectives of the JCS include:  setting standards to ensure professional competence and professional ethics, encouraging continuous education, promoting social responsibility and professional stewardship as well as addressing membership interests.

With technology now being so ubiquitous and pervasive, it brings new meaning to IT management and governance. Bringing all the elements of people processes and pieces of equipment and coordinating the usage to a synergistic sum that is greater than the parts is no mean feat. So when someone makes a substantive impact by demonstrating the value of using IT in a meaningful way, especially as a member of the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS), the Society must acknowledge such effort.

We intend to continue to recognize contributions by our members in their areas of expertise, even as they exemplify the aims and objectives of the JCS. Each successful project implementation, each scholarly paper written, each articulate suggestion or contribution at the departmental, organizational or national level, each effort of continual self-improvement gives cause to be recognized by the JCS peer membership.  There are two membership designations that acknowledge the work and worth of persons working in ICT, there are: the JCS fellow and JCS distinguished fellow. Both are awarded for contributions and accomplishments of JCS members that exemplify the tenets and objectives of the JCS.
Our newest distinguished fellow, Silburn Clark, has:

  1. Contributes to several  of Jamaica’s ICT assessment by World Bank and IDB
  2. Founded and operates a firm steeped in the value-added use of ICT (the latest being the use of GIS technology in NWC meter reading)
  3. Demonstrates his acknowledgment of training as an essential element of organizational success and personal development.
  4. Embraced the need to get involved through volunteerism  and support of activities and programs of the JCS

For those who may not be aware of some of the work the JCS does, last year we held public lectures in a series hosted at some of Jamaica’s leading tertiary institutions. We initiated a Campus Chapter in St. Catherine, St James, Manchester, Portland and the Kingston Metropolitan area. We also hosted  Biztech  Forum and Showcase 2013, a conference that featured presentations (one on the impact of the proposed Logistics Hub, long before a symposium was proposed) Tutorials (including one on Cloud technology , with certification and cybercrime response  management). Our monthly E-zine keeps relevant topics on the front burner of our members and wider society. Several Special interest groups (SIG’s) meetings were held and focus was brought to bear at each, on issues and solutions of interest.  The JCS e-journal offers members the opportunity to publish opinions and research that show the quality and depth of the JCS membership in providing solutions at the firm and national level.

2014 will see a continuation of these effective initiates, with a convergence of efforts to emphasize the value of peer networking and the contribution of each level of IT professionals to the benefit of any organization.
Planning will also start for Biztech Forum and Showcase 2015, to be held October 22-25, 2015 in Ocho Rios. The Call for Papers will be out in short order.  Promoting certification programs will continue and the JCS will host a major Knowledge Forum certification training event in the final quarter of 2014. JCS members will also see even more tangible monetary benefits accruing through group discounts on a wide array of goods and services across multiple sectors.

Join the team, make your membership sure and let us make it another great year of personal, professional, organization and national growth in ICT.

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