Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Lifetime Achievement Awardees 2013

Shereen Jones

At an early age, Shereen was presented with an HP Programmable Scientific calculator by her father. Essentially, he told her to “go to town” on it. The rest is history! She did just that, creating programmes for all manner of basic applications and began a lifelong association with the field of Information Technology.

Today, as Assistant General Manager of IT and Operations at Jamaica National Building Society, she gets to do what her father encouraged her to do as a child, but on a much more serious level.

She explored the ever-morphing world of IT Process and Systems management and was involved in data warehousing, software development and other services offered by Management Control Systems within business units which she previously commanded.

Perhaps iconic among these services is the award-winning payroll software BizPayCentral: A timely and well needed solution for businesses within the Industry. This product was recognised by Microsoft in 2003 as the best original Small Business Solution within the Caribbean and Latin America region.

Despite Joining MC Systems in 2006, under her watch, MC Systems has racked up six Microsoft Technology Competencies, and has become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. These achievements are among several valuable contributions Shereen has made to the IT Industry, and makes her a subject of one of our Awards this evening.