Sunday, June 24, 2018


The Jamaica Information Technology Services Alliance (JITSA) has been formally launched and is up and running with executive and working group meetings as well, with regularly schedule meetings for member forums. This recent addition to the ICT landscape and ecosystem has been heralded are timely and necessary. Concomitantly , there is the question “What about the JCS?”

Firstly, JITSA is not a replacement for the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS). JITSA is an advocacy group from technology companies. The JCS is an industry personnel oversight body geared toward professional development of individuals in the ICT sector and how they execute their functions to ensure the optimal and effective use of technology in organizations that employ them and the wider society as well. JCS also offer member to ICT students and non-IT professional with interest in the industry.

Secondly, all JITSA companies, though this includes individuals (sole proprietors), are providers of IT products and services. For the organizations that are consumers of IT, the JCS also offer members to allow these organizations to keep abreast of developments in the industry and what may be relevant to non providers of IT. Finally, how does JITSA fit into the JCS programs? There are several areas that overlap with JITSA’s mandate and the vision of the current JCS administration these include:

  1. Industry views and opinions. A common position is to be sought were possible as the goals both organization is vibrancy and sustainability of the ICT industry
  2. Programs and projects. JITSA companies can offer invaluable support for JCS initiatives and the development of ICT professionals only aid the efforts of JITSA campaign for awareness on key issues and technical points.

To this end a MOU has been drafted and signed, having received blessing for the governing council of the JCS and working group of JITSA. The MOU covers key areas that can only result in having both organizations being active and healthy.

Operations. The sitting president of the JCS will be a director on the board of JITSA. The president of JITSA will be a co-opted member of the JCS governing council. Each organization will have reciprocal membership with all fees waived.

Membership. All JITSA members will be corporate members of JCS at no fee. JITSA members will have at least one individual member being individual member of the JCS. The current fee will apply.

Events. Joint event may be but on from time to time and it should be abundantly clear when this is the case. Proceed from such collaborations will be shared as agreed prior to the event.

The JCS welcomes JITSA to aid in the campaign for an improved profile of the ICT sector and its personnel in Jamaica.