Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bits & Bytes - Electronic Magazine

For years, the JCS has published a magazine, Bits & Bytes, for ICT professionals in Jamaica, covering topical issues, technical and professional developmental pieces, highlighting developments in the industry. This year we continue the tradition with our commemorative 40th anniversary publication of Bits & Bytes.

 The JCS magazine have become more relevant due to the pressures being faced by IT professionals in Jamaica to be more efficient and cost effective given the limited resources available as well as the global competition for the very services he provides.

As the media and opportunities for Academia to engage the Private Sector, and vice versa dwindles, the reputation of the Bits & Bites holds its ground. Additionally, As young people enter the job-world seeking a career path that matches their qualification and personalities, the Bits & Bytes informs and provides direction. Also, As our most accomplished minds solve the more complex problems facing Jamaica, the Bits & Bytes informs and supports. We welcome your thirst for knowledge and are ready to satisfy.


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