Sunday, June 24, 2018

Building a better ICT sector (24th January 2013)

The Jamaica Computer Society (JCS), during 2013, will be celebrating its 40 years of existence. Over those years, the ICT sector has grown leaps and bounds. However, while the evolutionary march of various technologies is moving at an increased cadence, Jamaica could find itself in a crisis of; Having an ICT sector incapable of supporting a nation with significant economic growth or unable to adequately assist with finding our way on the global stage.Subsequently, as part of its mandate to serve the local ICT community and general public, the JCS will be conducting a two-part panel discussion. The initial discussion will be held at the first members’ meeting on January 24, 2013.

The discourse will be an open forum for idea expression, information passing and defining the role for the JCS in a comprehensive action plan. Members of the Governing JCS Council will be introduced and the Vision of its current (2013/14) administration unveiled. The JCS 40th Anniversary calendar of events will also be announced.

The second part of the series will be held at the JCS BizTech Conference and Showcase 2013 during October 24 to 26. At this conference, there will be a plenary and panel discussion, the usual technical sessions, several informed presentations and welcomed exhibitions. These will all be focused around the central topic of “Building a Better ICT Sector”.

Panelists for the January 24th event, to be held at Hotel Four Seasons, 18 Ruthven Road, Kingston 10 at 6:00pm include: Arnett Campbell (Head of School Computer &Information Technology-Utech), Prof Evan Duggan (Dean of Social Science, UWI) and Dwayne Russell (Deputy General Manager-MC Systems) with moderator and host Dean Smith (JCS President).